BELT LOOPS   5 5 7
FLY BUTTONS   2 4 5 6
x-short   26xs 27xs 28xs 29xs 30xs 31xs 32xs 33xs 34xs 35xs 36xs 38xs 40xs 42xs 44xs 46xs 48xs 50xs 52xs 54xs 56xs 58xs
short 28″ inseam 26s 27s 28s 29s 30s 31s 32s 33s 34s 35s 36s 38s 40s 42s 44s 46s 48s 50s 52s 54s 56s 58s
medium 32″ inseam 26m 27m 28m 29m 30m 31m 32m 33m 34m 35m 36m 38m 40m 42m 44m 46m 48m 50m 52m 54m 56m 58m
long 36″ inseam 26l 27l 28l 29l 30l 31l 32l 33l 34l 35l 36l 38l 40l 42l 44l 46l 48l 50l 52l 54l 56l 58l
x-long 40″ inseam 26xl 27xl 28xl 29xl 30xl 31xl 32xl 33xl 34xl 35xl 36xl 38xl 40xl 42xl 44xl 46xl 48xl 50xl 52xl 54xl 56xl 58xl
PRICE *   JPY 36,000 JPY 38,000 JPY 42,000

All materials are RAW or LOOMSTATE.
Shrinkage approximately vertical 8%, horizontal 5%

NOTE: Shirinkage may vary according to washing conditions. Please use the following as a guide to proper fit. Women should buy a waist size 4 inches smaller than their hip size.

If your waist is Increase size by
24″–28″ 1″
30″–48″ 2″
50″–up 3″


“ Dead Copies of Levi Strauss...
Maybe Ghosts?? ”

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